Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's been happening....

I just looked at my last entry and realized how far behind I am in keeping this updated.  Prayers were answered in ways bigger than imagined as Adan was granted a FIVE YEAR visa!!!  We don't have to fight with the Embassy any more and can now just concentrate on his medical needs.   The oral surgeon requested that we check out one more clinic before we made any final decisions.  We went to another Craniofacial Clinic in Detroit and were very impressed with them.  We had to wait to see if the hospital there (Beaumont Hospital) would be willing to do it as a charity case.  They just approved us and asked if it would be ok if the media followed his story.  Which that in itself is an answer to prayer as there is 2 little children in Honduras whose lives would be saved if they could come to the USA for medical help.  Hopefully this will help in bringing them here also. 
As far as what is being planned for Adan right now is.... after spring break some time, he will be having a 5 hour operation where they will be taking a small part of a bone, skin graph and a vein from his forearm.  They will then replace the bone piece with plastic and pins and maybe the skin will be graphed from his thigh.  They were not sure on that yet.  They will then split is upper lip and separate it so that the bone can be placed in his upper jaw, where it has been opened up and the skin will cover it along with the lining for his upper mouth and inside of his nasal area which will also create the lining for the nostrils.  The vein will be attached to a vein in the side of his face, lower jaw area.  It is very important that they connect and function so that they can continue.  His tissue needs to continue to get his own blood supply to survive. 
He will spend the night in ICU and then go through a nasal reconstruction the next day which could take up to 10 hours.  They will be taking a bone from his ribs and hip to creats a tripod structure to hold the nose together.  He will then spend about 2-3 days in ICU and then will have at least 3 months of recovery time where no pressure can be on the nose.  He will be sleeping in a hockey helmet during that time as he is still banging his face into his pillow at night when he sleeps.  We had to do this last time he had surgery 4 years ago.
He is doing great otherwise.  Growing to be a handsome young man.  He is doing excellent in his studies and is progressing well.  We hope to have him close to caught up to his grade level in math by next year.  His family is doing well.  He has lost an Uncle and a Grandfather since he has been here but has worked through it all with the help of God's love.  I promise to keep you posted on when the surgery is!!!!!  Thanks for your love, prayers and support!