Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back at Beaumont

It is June 5 and Adan is in surgery again.  The doctor said it would be about 4 hours.  He is thinning the extra skin from under his nose, creating a second nostril and maybe taking one of the bones they saved in his "little sack" in his abdominal.  An unexpected surprise today was that the local TV station was here to interview Adan and he will be on TV tonight on their 10 o'clock news!!!!  Another God moment.....  Adan did not want to go in front of a camera but when he found out that the interviewer was from Nicaragua and could speak Spanish he agreed to it.  We also talked about how every one has done so much for him that if this can help some one else by bringing hope and news to the community of what is available, then God would want him to give back.

Adan has been healing very well.  His arm graph is having a small bump in the road and he does not have total feeling in his hand.  Doctor said it is a waiting thing but if it is still that way in a year it will be permanent.  I have attached pictures on the bottom of the blog if interested, but the arm one is not an easy one to look at for some. 

Adan went back to school yesterday to say goodbye to his classmates for the summer and thank them for all their prayers and support.  They in return blew us away with a gift of $300.00  What amazing students and friends!!!  We are blessed!  Thank you so much, your thoughtfulness touched our lives in a way words can not explain.

One of Adan's wishes came true the other week.  He tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around, all I saw was a huge bubble gum bubble in the front of his face!  All was good until it popped! ha ha ha.... all over his nose!  The other new experience was as were coming back from a check up a few weeks ago, we stopped at the Mexican restaurant we found in Detroit.  Adan ordered a soda and drank it through a straw.  He had the hiccups almost all the way home!  The carbonation used to go up into his nasal area, now it has no place to go up.  (praise God)  Things that we all take for granted.....

The pictures below are a couple weeks old.  The first one is the skin graph from his arm.  All of the black lining around it is now gone and the color is lighter and the criss cross strings are removed.  It is no longer "ditched in" but the new skin level is coming back and it is about even with his natural skin.  So amazing to watch this and see how God created us. 
The second picture also shows more swelling than what is currently there.


  1. I'm glad you're getting better Adan. Just remember that I am praying for you every day. I'm glad you're heeling =) I'm glad were good friends.

    ~Joelle Schrotenboer

  2. Hello! My name is Amber, and I just found the article in the Holland Sentinel on Adan. I was so touched by your story that I wanted to share one with you. My sister-in-law, Charlotte, was attacked by a raccoon as an infant when her birth parents left her unattended. My husband's parents adopted her and her bother. She lost her nose, ear, and part of her cheekbones and lips. She is now 1o years old, and is about to start a series of reconstructive surgeries to restore her nose. If Adan would be willing, I think it would be so so great for he and Charlotte to meet. If you're interested in talking, please email me at