Thursday, April 26, 2012


As I write this post Adan is currently under going phase 1 of 2 surgeries.  The doctor will be opening up his nasal area and exploring to see what is actually there and missing and making a template for tomorrows surgery.  He may be taking a bone from his rib today for the major bone in the center of the nose but not sure til he sees what he is working with.  The doctor is a Christian doctor whom I was able to pray with him, his nurse and Adan this morning before they started.  I have been told that he is an excellent plastic surgeon and is very particular with his work.  Beaumont Hospital is huge!  I get lost quickly but they are all very friendly.  This surgery is 4-6 hours and it has been 3 already.  I am able to stay in apartment complex across the street so I came back for a while but need to head back.  Adan is very excited and nervous about getting a mirror as soon as he can to see his new nose.  He said it will be so nice not to have to keep his mouth open all the time to breath any more.


  1. Adan we are praying for you at school. We will be checking your blog 24-7. I hope that all of your surgeries go good and can't wait till you get back. -Libby

  2. Adan praying for you everyday and hope that everything goes smoothly and that God wraps he arms around you and the fam. In my thoughts and prayers everyday and never give up. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you not to hare you plans to give you a hope and future. Keep fighting the pain.

  3. Adan, I've been praying for you every day and hope i can be apart of helping you get closer to God. May God use this surgery to change your life forever! Ill pray as hard as I can because this surgery coming up looks like a very painful moment. May God be with you my friend

    -Joelle Schrotenboer

  4. ADAN!!! Me and my family have been praying for you and we will keep praying. I miss you and hope you feel better. May God bless you and keep his arms around you. Hope you come back soon and that the surgery goes "GOODY", We are not gonna have fun with out you in fun night JK but if God is with you(he will) we will be there too.
    Miss you
    From your BFFL! ( DANI ) ( PINKIE) hahha bye

  5. Hey adan hope that your surgery goes good we are going to fun nite and we will be thinking of you the whole time. We will send you a picture of our face paint Jake and Noah Love you.
    -Your BFF libby (go cats!) (Not bffl thats dani)

  6. man adan u have some pretty great friends^ :)
    we are praying for you and glade to hear that ur surgeries have all gone well so far!!
    ~Lindsey raak