Sunday, April 29, 2012

One tuff kid!

Adan is doing really great physically.  He has no pain and has even been up and walking today!  They can't believe how well he is doing so quickly.  Talked with the doctor today and got all the details.  They took the skin from his arm because it is very thin and it matched the coloring of his face the best and they needed the vein with it.  They covered it back up with skin from his leg because that skin is large and layered and it will regrow a new layer.  They had his arm cut down to muscle and tendons so it would not be able to grow back.  They were not able to put the bones from his rib in yet so they made a pocket in his belly and put them there for the next surgery.  Being stored in his body is the safest way to keep them alive.
The swelling has gone down today around his face but his skin flap is still large. 
On the emotional side, he is not doing so well.  We talked about what stage he is at and what he looks like and how we are going to deal with it and how it does not change who Adan is.  The surgeon came in while I was talking with him (God's timing) and so we got a mirror and he explained everything to Adan.  There were a lot of tears after the doctor left and he is coping by basically being withdrawn.  He did tell me that he is mad at God.  Going all the way back to why God ever allowed this to happen to him as a baby.  Pray he finds it in his heart to find forgiveness and let his anger go.  Pray I have the right words and actions to help him through this time.
On the positive side, he is happy that the hole in his mouth is closed forever and he doesn't have to deal with things going up in his nose when he eats and drinks and that when he has a cold his nose will run instead of it through the hole in his mouth.


  1. Praise God that he is feeling better!!!! But there is still a lot more to pray about...and we have definitely been doing that at school:) All of the guys miss you Adan and they can't wait until you come back!
    ~Annika G.

  2. Hey adan! I am so glad that you are feeling better and as annika said ALL of the guys miss you SOOO much. If I were you i would be scared out of mind for this surgery but you seem to be taking it really well. sure glad that you can blow bubbles with gum now ;) my family and my church and school are ALL praying for you. miss you
    -your "bff" Libby

  3. also something that i forgot when i wrote that is that.......I COULD'VE TOLD YOU ADAN WAS TUFF!!!!! adan you are "one tuff kid" :)

    -Libby your "bff"

  4. Adan I miss the crud out of you I miss you sooooo much. You are so tuff and will get through this you are like a brother to me miss ya cant wait you are so good and God is with you that is for sure. HANG IN THERE EVERY BODY MISS'ES YOU. I need you to know that every single person in our grade and other grades are praying for you. You mean so much to this school and to me. JUST LETTING YOU KNOW WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!

    Your brother from another mother...

  5. Adan, you are a great kid no matter what you look like! i think that God made it go wrong to make you stronger in your faith. You are tuff like Libby said and May he work in your heart through these surgeries. Just remember that God has a plan for everything and you can forgive him for it all :)

    -Your sis, joelle

  6. Adan i can tell you right now by looking at these comments that you have a lot of friends...and that we hope you actually hear these!!!!!! When you get the chance you should check out the posts on google+ about kids praying for you!!!!!!!

  7. adan i love you! (not in the weird way) :)
    Me and cole were gonna come visit but couldnt on monday (today)
    maybe friday if ur there (hopefully ur not still there) :)
    I would really like to skip school and come visit you! :)
    <3 hahaha jkjkjk
    guess who

  8. i dont know ummm noah or jake???? annika help me here!

  9. Glad to hear that your surgery went well, Adan!! I am sorry that it didn't go like expected. Just remember that God has other plans, and his plans are ALWAYS the right plans!! My family and I have been praying for you a TON!!!! Can't wait to see you at school again!!! Glad you are healing quickly!
    Your friend always, Gabrielle :)

  10. It's noah b/c he said that on Friday, and who else says i love you not in the weird way besides noah?!?!?!

  11. youll enjoy the fruits of your labor sometime in your life
    what goes around comes around

  12. This is Dani i am so glad that the surgery went good and God does have a plan.... And I am glad you are healing quick! I can't wait until you come bac to school every body misses you. May God keep blessing you and DON'T be mad a God he knows why he is doing it and what he is doing.
    Hope you feel better..
    BFFL :) Dani