Saturday, April 28, 2012

Second surgery completed

Adan was in surgery from 8am to 7pm yesterday.  They removed the skin from his forearm and used it to line the new bone in his upper jaw (which came from hip) the upper lining in the roof of his mouth and then for the lining of his nose.  They replaced that skin on his arm with skin from his upper thigh.  The skin from arm was connected to a vein which they connected to another vein just below his lower jaw.  So he has an inscision there also. They took some rib bones and used those for the nasal structure.  The doctor was very frustrated at about 5 pm and said he called out to God in the operating room for help because he was not able to take the skin flap and make nostrils with it.  It was very large and if he played with it too much it could destroy it and that would be the end of that skin flap.  He said he heard God tell him, it is what it is for now... so he closed up every thing around it.  He left one hole in it all so that Adan could breath out of it.  It pretty much looks like the previous picture but the part under his nose and above his lip is much larger.  We were all very disappointed because it was not what we wanted or expected but God has other plans.  The next 3 days are important as we wait to see if the skin flap survives.  Then after everything heals we will be returning for touch up surgeries.  None will ever be as severe as this one.  He figures they will be 1 night stays with surgery taking only a couple hours.  One thing we are learning is that God is in control and that His plans are not always ours and we need to accept that with praise.  The positive in this is that long term, Adan's nose will be able to look more perfect because there is extra skin there to use.  He is recovering well with little pain and a lot of sleep.


  1. Im glad that the sergury went well but not all that was expected. Hope you guys get through this tough time with lots of prayer and help from God. always happy to be here for you guys.
    -Adans BFF libby :)

  2. Im glad the surgery went well. Every day i check this blog to check on you, Adan :) Im glad that you are not in much pain and keep sleeping lots. Praise the Lord that nothing went wrong! God has a plan for everything even if its not what we expected. May God be with you still and always..

    Your Good Friend/Sis, Joelle :)

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    1. God is sure amazing even when he doesn't do what we had planned. We are all praying for you and hope that everything goes good. God is with you through the tough and easy times and is always there for you! Hope everything goes well and you have a good recovery.
      - Maisie

  4. Adan hope you have a good recovery and glad it went well. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts -Kaitlyn