Thursday, October 6, 2011

Never seems to end.......

Incase you do not receive the Holland Sentinel or the Zeeland paper, Adan has finally hit the news!  We were so happy that his story finally got an opportunity to be shared with the community.  In the artilce there was a section regarding a way to financially help support Adan's surgeries, visas and traveling expenses.  Good news was I ran a half marathon to raise that money and God was good.  Bad news is how it was printed in the paper.  Holland Sentilel talked about how we wanted a 3rd child and now we have him and the Zeeland paper called him our "adopted son".  Well if you have been following, Adan was denied a visa 2 times because they thought we were trying to adopt him.  Now he is back in Honduras and has an appointment on Tuesday at the Embassy for his next visa.  Please pray with us that what has been misprinted in the papers does not get in the way of his visa.  I told the reporter the story of how we did want a child 13 years ago and it turns out that is when Adan was born.  Little did we know he would become a part of our family (not legally) but we love him like our own.  I told her that because I asked her if she was a believer and loved the Lord and she did not at this time.  I wanted her to know there is a God and he hears our prayers, even if in His own ways.  Now that seed planted may be something the devil uses to stop Adan's visa??????  Help me here, because I am really struggling with all of this.  Please start praying now that what God intended for good, stays good and that whomever Adan meets at the Embassy for his visa will be a believer and will hear God's plan for Adan.