Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It has been quiet on this end as we wait for Adan's upper jaw to open to where Dr. Topf wants it to be for his bone graph.  I can not tell you how grateful I am for Dr. Kessel, Dr. Bouwens and staff.  They are incredible!!!  They put in at least 4 expanders and then some brackets and wire to open up the bone.  I included pictures of this but the end product is AMAZNG.  What you are seein is his upper jaw and his bone is at least 2 inches wide now where you see the uppper hole.   Anyway, the next step is to send him back to Honduras by Oct. 3 because that is when his visa expires AGAIN!!!  Please pray for a minimum of a year to 5 year visa next time.  It looks like his surgery will be in late Oct, early Nov.  It will be a BIG one!  Adan is in 6th grade which is middle school at Zeeland Christian.  He got his own laptop so he is very excited!!  He was actually happy to start school. 
I was hoping to get something set up before I posted again but wanted to update.  I have been training to run a half marathon on Sept. 24.  I figure I am not getting any younger and if I can coach 3rd-5th grade girls to run a 5k, I could push myself to do it.  As I started training I realized that one reason I had continued to run was to get my frustration/stress over the last years about the Embassy and Adan.  So I thought, maybe I could incorporate this 1/2 marathon with him.  So what I am doing is a fund raiser run.  I am asking for donations for every mile I run (which will be 13.1) or a sum total.  The funds raised will go to his upcoming plane ticket, drives to Detroit for check ups, overnight hotel costs for surgery, medical bills, and tution to ZCS.  Added up it is a large sum.  So if you are interested in making a donation you can send it to myself at: 10279 Strawberry Lane, Zeeland, MI  49464.  Make checks payable to myself.  HOWEVER, if you would like it to be tax deductible, still send it to me but make the check out to BRIDGE MINISTRIES and I will make sure you get a receipt.  I will let you know how I do.  Thank you for you love, support and prayers!