Thursday, June 2, 2011

1st big surgery underway

On Tuesday, Dr. Kessel's office put an expander in Adan's mouth.  It was the most unique one Dr. Kessel had ever made.  It is in backwards and attached to 4 teeth instead of two.  It was a painful experience as they shoved it between his teeth to make it fit. 
On Wed, we traveled early morning to Detroit for his oral surgery.  There the surgeon made a cut all the way across his upper gum to separate the jaw bone from the skull.  This will allow his upper jaw to expand.  He then opened the expander 2cm and stitched his gum back up with disolvable stitches.  We now have to crank the expander 2 times in the morning and 2 times at night.  He can feel the pressure immediately.  As of tonight, his cheeks are swollen and he is now feeling the pain.  He will not be able to be at school for the last day which he is sad about but does not want any one to see him this way.  He asked me some questions tonight that made me have to step back and really see what he is going through and how he is feeling about it all inside.  He asked me if his cheeks were always going to look like this and if there is a hole now in his upper jaw, why can he not breath through it.  He used to be able to do that before his nose caved in and the bottom closed up leaving no hole there either.  We go back to the dr. in 2 weeks.
On a personal family side, our oldest daughter Kelsie is graduating from 8th grade tomorrow night.  Her last day at Zeeland Christian.  We are so proud of her!