Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Surgery done....

It has been a while since I posted so there is a lot of catching up to do.  Adan returned the later part of April with a 6 month visa this time.  Looks like it is not extendable again and we are frustrated with that.  Guess the Embassy still does not trust us. 

Today he had his tonsils and adnoids removed.  The doctor said one was the largest he has ever seen and he found scar tissue on them along with puss behind one of them.  They are hoping that be removing his tonsils he will breath better, sleep better and the strep will be gone!  The strep is what ate away at the inside of the nose last time we did the surgeries.  That would be an answer to prayers!  He is doing great and his appetite like normal but can only be on a soft diet for 2 weeks!  Looks like I should take stock in Ramen noodles!  He is doing great though!  As I watched him in the recovery room, I thought about 3 years ago and wish they would have just not done anything until they knew his past medical history and had a team working on it.  He would not have to be going through so much trouble of not being able to breath.  Then I thought about all what has happened in the last 3 years, his family has a stone, safe home; our faith and reliance on God alone has been strengthened; Adan accepted Jesus into his life....WOW!!!!   It hurts to know what he has been through and will go through but God definietely has it planned in HIS time and way and HIS ways are not ours.
His next surgery I should find out more about tomorrow.  Looks like as soon as he heals from this one they are going to cut the upper jaw bone and put in an expander surgically is what I understand so far but not totally clear on it.  It will be a big surgery though and a few days in ICU for that one. 
Praises are being celebrated as we thank God for today going well, for this excellent hospital in Novi, MI  (St. John's Providence Hospital)  for their excellent care but greatly for the Cranofacial Clinic that is taking this as a charity case and covering all costs!!!   Another God story is that we received a bill for medical costs not covered last time Adan was here and the cost of a one way plane ticket.  The total cost was exactly the amount that had just been donated into Adan's account through Bridge Ministries!!!!  Praise God!!!  and thank you to those who donated!  Words can not express how grateful we are.  Also all of the prayers that we know are covering Adan has been so felt and very much appreciated.  It is amazing the lives that are touched, even today at the hospital.  Thank You!!!!!!!!
There are many more opportunites to financially donate to.  We will be traveling to Novi a lot in the next 6 months and not just the cost of gas but hotel stay when we have early morning surgeries.  Cost of pharamacy prescriptions, any lab work needed, and on the education side, he is being tutored to try to catch up with his age class.  We are wanting to do that at least 3 times a week in the summer.  If you are interested in making a donation, it is tax deductible.  You just need to make sure you put his name on the bottom of your check (maybe even add a note) and make the check payable to: Bridge Ministries,
 PO Box 15, West End, NC  27376.  They will send you a tax deduction receipt. 
Prayers are always needed of course :-).  Pray for:  quick healing from this surgery, some way for the visa to be extended, Adan to be able to learn what is being taught so that he can be with his classmates next year.
On the home front, Courtney is playing soccer this spring with USA and doing great and Kelsie is getting ready for her 8th grade banquet.  She is starting to like the idea of going to High school next year.  She will be attending Zeealand East.