Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adan's 3 month visit

We were blessed to have Adan here from the first of the year until March 15.  Bummer his 13th birthday is March 23, but we celebrated it early :-)   While the US Embassy only gave us 3 months with no extensions, we got right to business.  Adan was seen by a Cranofacial Clinic in Novi MI.  He was seen by a handful of doctors that were working together as a team for him.  There was an ortho, plastic surgeon, ENT, speech, dentist and pediactrics doctor along with a social worker.  They said that Adan has lost all bone graphs and anything else inside the nasal area.  They would have to start over again but this time from the inside out.  Which means starting with a surgical expander for his upper jaw, some ortho work and then bone graphing his upper jaw, bone graphing his nasal bone and tissue inside and then ending with plastic surgery.  However, they all wanted a sleep study done to figure out why Adan bangs his head fiercefully into his pillow.  We had one done at DeVos children's hospital and would you figure that he did not bang his head once during the study!  God has revealed a few things such then and we would just ask for you to cover Adan in prayers.  His study did show that he does has breathing issues during his sleep and that his tonsils and adnoids be removed.  The ENT doctor was very gracious in writing a letter stating the urgency and importance of this surgery.   Due to his situation he will be in ICU for at least a day.  WOW!
He got all of his up to date immunizations, an eye and ear test, 3d cat scan, skull exrays and a visit to the dentist.  All said and done, he went back showing that we are only trying to help him medically and not make him a slave or trafficiting him....     On another side, he went to ZCS and moved up a level in his reading in just 3 months!   He works hard at his school work and doing what he can to be in 6th grade next year.
Upon his return he had to get a new passport since his expires in August and he was granted that already.  Next step is applying for his visa again.  Once approved he willl be back and surgeries will begin.  Please pray for a visa approval and for Adan to be strong as he knows who Jesus is and loves Him but his family does not and is involved in a lot of evil things.   Keep him safe.  Praise that Sandi is able to keep him in her home on school campus from Monday to Fridays and feed and nourish him and keep him in a clean and safe enviroment.
We have been blessed with an organization that is willing to help us in raising funds for Adan.  By sending a donation into them it will be a tax deductible donation for you!
If anyone is interested in helping support with his airline transportation and medical bills, you can send a check to:  Bridge Ministries, PO Box 15, West End, NC  27376  In the memo section just write Adan Mejia or put a note with the check also.