Sunday, May 23, 2010

Newsletter from The Bridge (Adan's school in Honduras)

May 2010

Making a difference one life at a time!
We met Adan 2 1/2 years ago when he was brought to our school after he had been in the states for medical reasons. Adan was born a normal beautiful baby. At three months he had an infection which no one knew what it was or how to treat it. As a result Adan lost his nose. His family was a very typical village family. His father earns about $35 a week and his mother washes cloths for pay. They had no means to help their son. Before going to the states, this child walked around with a hole in his face. His first reconstructive surgery was 2 1/2 years ago. While waiting in-between surgeries he was brought back to Honduras to spend time with his family, before returning to the states for the next set of operations. Adan had never been in school until he was in the U.S. His host family wanted to make sure Adan did not fall behind in is studies while in Honduras, which is how we got connected. Even though we are blessed to have Adan with us, he is in urgent need to return to the states for more medical treatment.

The organization that promised Adan to continue to help him has dropped the ball. Therefore we are working on getting him back to the states for the medical attention he needs. Please join us in prayer that God will open the doors we need to bring this beautiful child back to continue his medical treatment! We have an appointment scheduled for May 10th to get him a US VISA. Pray we are successful!! His host family is flying in for the appointment and trusting God that Adan will fly out with them on the thirteenth of May!
While Adan has been attending our school, he also spends half of the week in our home. We help him with homework, work on his English skills and he goes to soccer with Samuel. In all of this delay God had His plan. Adan was studying one evening, and the lesson was on, “what you have to do to be saved.” Sandi asked him, “Adan have you done what you just read?" He said “no.” She asked if he understood what he read. He said, "yes.” The last question in his book was, "do you want to pray and ask Jesus into your heart?" When she asked him if he understood what they were saying and he acknowledged that he did and explained to her what it meant. She then asked him if he wanted to pray with her to ask Jesus into his heart. Adan’s response was, "YES, I'm ready I want to do that!" So even though two valuable years have been lost for his surgeries, he has something that will last FOREVER!
We praise the Lord for his goodness, mercy and steadfast love!
We would ask you to join with us in prayer for Adan. He is in URGENT need to get back to the US for treatment! We have doctors waiting to do the work; we just need to get him back. Please pray that God will open the doors, including getting his VISA.
Also pray for his host family. They are stepping up to the plate knowing that they will have to take care of this child and his medical bills, since the organization has backed out. WE have doctors lined up that are willing to donate their time and efforts at no cost. Which is great, but we know there will still be cost that will have to be met. If you would like to donate funds to help with Adan’s surgery, we will make sure it goes to towards his medical needs! Every night that we tuck him in bed and see those HUGE brown eyes, his smile, and hear his what an incredible young man God is raising up!
Thank you all for partnering with us in prayer and financially. We couldn't reach out to people like Adan and his family if it weren't for all of you and what you do to support us!
Thank you!!
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