Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Helping Adan in Honduras

Just returned from a long disappointing trip from Honduras. We had all the paper work we needed to get Adan a medical visa but I had our home study included in it. Which is paper work done from an Adoption Agency that shows you can support having a new child in your home. The US Embassy did not like that even though I was told to have it to show support for Adan. They denied his visa and told Congressmen Hoekstra's office that if we could have documents from the Honduran Govt. clearing that is what they wanted me to have they would allow for a visa. God opened the doors so that we could get a letter from the Mayor and the Governor of Comyagua. He also got us another appt. with the Embassy on Thursday. We went there and they asked to talk with Adan's mom and dad on their own. Mom was very confused and intimidated and so she misunderstood the question they asked her if I was adopting him. She said yes and that of course ended it all. Now......we are looking for an organization to back us up. If there is an organization that will come along side of us there may be a chance to still help him. Adan is doing an excellent job in school. He accepted Jesus into his heart about a month ago and that was evident in his actions when I was with him. We had a few days together but he was very sick. He had a high fever and an upset stomach. It was very hard to watch him deal with what we have handed him physically. His nose is completely covered up and so there is NO way to get any air through it. When we blow our nose.....he blows through his mouth. He had a terrible time throwing up. Please pray for him and if any one is interested in sending a letter to our Congressmen, Senators....etc...on behalf of Adan, I would welcome helping you. Also if you know of any organizations that may be of assitance, that would be great. Any other ideas are great too!