Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back at Beaumont

It is June 5 and Adan is in surgery again.  The doctor said it would be about 4 hours.  He is thinning the extra skin from under his nose, creating a second nostril and maybe taking one of the bones they saved in his "little sack" in his abdominal.  An unexpected surprise today was that the local TV station was here to interview Adan and he will be on TV tonight on their 10 o'clock news!!!!  Another God moment.....  Adan did not want to go in front of a camera but when he found out that the interviewer was from Nicaragua and could speak Spanish he agreed to it.  We also talked about how every one has done so much for him that if this can help some one else by bringing hope and news to the community of what is available, then God would want him to give back.

Adan has been healing very well.  His arm graph is having a small bump in the road and he does not have total feeling in his hand.  Doctor said it is a waiting thing but if it is still that way in a year it will be permanent.  I have attached pictures on the bottom of the blog if interested, but the arm one is not an easy one to look at for some. 

Adan went back to school yesterday to say goodbye to his classmates for the summer and thank them for all their prayers and support.  They in return blew us away with a gift of $300.00  What amazing students and friends!!!  We are blessed!  Thank you so much, your thoughtfulness touched our lives in a way words can not explain.

One of Adan's wishes came true the other week.  He tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around, all I saw was a huge bubble gum bubble in the front of his face!  All was good until it popped! ha ha ha.... all over his nose!  The other new experience was as were coming back from a check up a few weeks ago, we stopped at the Mexican restaurant we found in Detroit.  Adan ordered a soda and drank it through a straw.  He had the hiccups almost all the way home!  The carbonation used to go up into his nasal area, now it has no place to go up.  (praise God)  Things that we all take for granted.....

The pictures below are a couple weeks old.  The first one is the skin graph from his arm.  All of the black lining around it is now gone and the color is lighter and the criss cross strings are removed.  It is no longer "ditched in" but the new skin level is coming back and it is about even with his natural skin.  So amazing to watch this and see how God created us. 
The second picture also shows more swelling than what is currently there.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back up...

Computer crashed yesterday but Adan is doing great!!!  The swelling has gone down and today he lost the drain pump that was connected to his arm.  The only tubes we have now is the IV.  He is up and at it and trying to fill himself up with liquids.  Today we even had a giggle time.  He started laughing and it hurt his rib but he kept laughing and saying ow at the same time and asking me for help.  Kind of hard to help a giggling teenager who is creating his own pain. :)  It was nice to have some laughter though and there has been a lot of smiles.  Doctor thinks we are still on for coming home on Friday! 
Adan says thanks to all of you who have been following the blog and for all of your support, love and prayers.  It is totally being felt here in Detroit!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

One tuff kid!

Adan is doing really great physically.  He has no pain and has even been up and walking today!  They can't believe how well he is doing so quickly.  Talked with the doctor today and got all the details.  They took the skin from his arm because it is very thin and it matched the coloring of his face the best and they needed the vein with it.  They covered it back up with skin from his leg because that skin is large and layered and it will regrow a new layer.  They had his arm cut down to muscle and tendons so it would not be able to grow back.  They were not able to put the bones from his rib in yet so they made a pocket in his belly and put them there for the next surgery.  Being stored in his body is the safest way to keep them alive.
The swelling has gone down today around his face but his skin flap is still large. 
On the emotional side, he is not doing so well.  We talked about what stage he is at and what he looks like and how we are going to deal with it and how it does not change who Adan is.  The surgeon came in while I was talking with him (God's timing) and so we got a mirror and he explained everything to Adan.  There were a lot of tears after the doctor left and he is coping by basically being withdrawn.  He did tell me that he is mad at God.  Going all the way back to why God ever allowed this to happen to him as a baby.  Pray he finds it in his heart to find forgiveness and let his anger go.  Pray I have the right words and actions to help him through this time.
On the positive side, he is happy that the hole in his mouth is closed forever and he doesn't have to deal with things going up in his nose when he eats and drinks and that when he has a cold his nose will run instead of it through the hole in his mouth.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Second surgery completed

Adan was in surgery from 8am to 7pm yesterday.  They removed the skin from his forearm and used it to line the new bone in his upper jaw (which came from hip) the upper lining in the roof of his mouth and then for the lining of his nose.  They replaced that skin on his arm with skin from his upper thigh.  The skin from arm was connected to a vein which they connected to another vein just below his lower jaw.  So he has an inscision there also. They took some rib bones and used those for the nasal structure.  The doctor was very frustrated at about 5 pm and said he called out to God in the operating room for help because he was not able to take the skin flap and make nostrils with it.  It was very large and if he played with it too much it could destroy it and that would be the end of that skin flap.  He said he heard God tell him, it is what it is for now... so he closed up every thing around it.  He left one hole in it all so that Adan could breath out of it.  It pretty much looks like the previous picture but the part under his nose and above his lip is much larger.  We were all very disappointed because it was not what we wanted or expected but God has other plans.  The next 3 days are important as we wait to see if the skin flap survives.  Then after everything heals we will be returning for touch up surgeries.  None will ever be as severe as this one.  He figures they will be 1 night stays with surgery taking only a couple hours.  One thing we are learning is that God is in control and that His plans are not always ours and we need to accept that with praise.  The positive in this is that long term, Adan's nose will be able to look more perfect because there is extra skin there to use.  He is recovering well with little pain and a lot of sleep.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazing moment....

Adan's surgery went very well.  The doctor is very optimistic after what he saw and did today.  He has decided not to take the bone from the forearm for his upper jaw but instead  from his ribs.  So it will be a lot more painful for Adan but he will be using 3 to 4 parts of his ribs for mouth and nose.  It was so cool to hear the doctor say that he is not sure if he will use an implant for one bone or use rib...he had to pray about it.   Doctor is asking for many prayers tomorrow as there is many things that could go wrong with microsurgery for veins to connect, skin and bone graphing.  Today he opened up his nose at the top part where it connected for the flip, close to his right eye.  He placed a temporary implant in it to stretch the skin so that he has it to use tomorrow.  The implant is a tube that he then stuffed the area around it so that Adan could breath through his nose.  And PRAISE GOD....he did!!!!!   I told him he could but he did not want to at first.  He was really droggy tonight because he was under from 8 to 3.  Then he asked for ice and I told him his voice was different.  He opened his eyes wide and then closed his mouth and took two very deep breaths through his nose!!!!  I wish you all could have seen it.  It was a moment we will never forget.  For the first time in 4 years he could do it!!!!!!  He did not talk much more so I can't wait to hear him again.  He asked me yesterday if he will be able to blow bubbles with his gum now.... I think that might just happen:)  It's amazing how we take such little things for granted.  Tomorrow surgery is at 7:30 and should go until 3ish. 


As I write this post Adan is currently under going phase 1 of 2 surgeries.  The doctor will be opening up his nasal area and exploring to see what is actually there and missing and making a template for tomorrows surgery.  He may be taking a bone from his rib today for the major bone in the center of the nose but not sure til he sees what he is working with.  The doctor is a Christian doctor whom I was able to pray with him, his nurse and Adan this morning before they started.  I have been told that he is an excellent plastic surgeon and is very particular with his work.  Beaumont Hospital is huge!  I get lost quickly but they are all very friendly.  This surgery is 4-6 hours and it has been 3 already.  I am able to stay in apartment complex across the street so I came back for a while but need to head back.  Adan is very excited and nervous about getting a mirror as soon as he can to see his new nose.  He said it will be so nice not to have to keep his mouth open all the time to breath any more.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's been happening....

I just looked at my last entry and realized how far behind I am in keeping this updated.  Prayers were answered in ways bigger than imagined as Adan was granted a FIVE YEAR visa!!!  We don't have to fight with the Embassy any more and can now just concentrate on his medical needs.   The oral surgeon requested that we check out one more clinic before we made any final decisions.  We went to another Craniofacial Clinic in Detroit and were very impressed with them.  We had to wait to see if the hospital there (Beaumont Hospital) would be willing to do it as a charity case.  They just approved us and asked if it would be ok if the media followed his story.  Which that in itself is an answer to prayer as there is 2 little children in Honduras whose lives would be saved if they could come to the USA for medical help.  Hopefully this will help in bringing them here also. 
As far as what is being planned for Adan right now is.... after spring break some time, he will be having a 5 hour operation where they will be taking a small part of a bone, skin graph and a vein from his forearm.  They will then replace the bone piece with plastic and pins and maybe the skin will be graphed from his thigh.  They were not sure on that yet.  They will then split is upper lip and separate it so that the bone can be placed in his upper jaw, where it has been opened up and the skin will cover it along with the lining for his upper mouth and inside of his nasal area which will also create the lining for the nostrils.  The vein will be attached to a vein in the side of his face, lower jaw area.  It is very important that they connect and function so that they can continue.  His tissue needs to continue to get his own blood supply to survive. 
He will spend the night in ICU and then go through a nasal reconstruction the next day which could take up to 10 hours.  They will be taking a bone from his ribs and hip to creats a tripod structure to hold the nose together.  He will then spend about 2-3 days in ICU and then will have at least 3 months of recovery time where no pressure can be on the nose.  He will be sleeping in a hockey helmet during that time as he is still banging his face into his pillow at night when he sleeps.  We had to do this last time he had surgery 4 years ago.
He is doing great otherwise.  Growing to be a handsome young man.  He is doing excellent in his studies and is progressing well.  We hope to have him close to caught up to his grade level in math by next year.  His family is doing well.  He has lost an Uncle and a Grandfather since he has been here but has worked through it all with the help of God's love.  I promise to keep you posted on when the surgery is!!!!!  Thanks for your love, prayers and support!